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Jan 23, 2010 7:00am EST
in america. we think of the jobs that exist here in washington, whether it's the president or vice president or members of the cabinet. but you're on the ground every day. you're in the neighborhoods. you're with real people. and nobody knows more than you do that the real -- the needs of america. and so i'm just really delighted to have a chance to be with all of you and to listen to you. i know the recession has taken a great toll. we think we've tried to -- we have made a difference at the department of transportation. i want you to know -- i know you know this and i know you'll hear this this afternoon. but president obama and all of us at the administration are redoubling our efforts this year to find new ways to grow the economy and create the jobs your communities depends on. as most of you know, i traveled last year to 66 cities. and i met many of you. and i've seen some of the amazing things that you're doing in your communities and some of the amazing products that are transforming sprawling, 21st century cities to green, clean accessible hubs of activity where people choose to liv
Jan 30, 2010 6:00am EST
behind america. but i was very aware from the early stages of this that also the american mind set had changed dramatically and frankly mine had as well, when i talk to other leaders particularly in europe i didn't get the same impression really. and so one thing i was anxious to do because we put together a coalition of afghanistan was to put together a coalition again to deal with saddam hussein and therefore the united nations route was then just important for all sorts of political reasons, legal reasons and so on, it was to do with the internal politics of the u.k.. it was also important to me because i didn't want america to feel that it had no option but to do it on its own. >> are you saying to me that that was the kind of agreed policy with which he went to crawford on the eve of crawford? is that what you intended to achieve at crawford? >> what we intended to achieve was to get a sense from the americans as to what they wanted to do and this would be best done between president bush and myself and really to then get the sense how our own strategy would have to evolve in the
Jan 30, 2010 7:00am EST
action took place, half of the members of the european union were also with america and japan was with america and south korea was with america, but, i think there is an interesting point, you are absolutely right to raise the judgment and in the end, this is what it is. it is not -- as i sometimes say to people it isn't about a lie or conspiracy or deceit or deception it is a decision and the decision i had to take was, given saddam's history, given his use of chemical weapons, given the over 1 million people whose deaths he caused, given ten years of breaking u.n. resolutions, could we take the risk of this man reconstituting his weapons programs? or is that a risk that will be irresponsible to take and i formed the judgment and it is a judgment, a decision i had to take the decision. and i believed and in the end so did the capital and parliament, incidentally, that we were right, not to run that risk. but you are completely right, in the end, what this is all about are the risks. and the reason why it is so important, the point that you make, is because today, we are going
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3